A recent study by Virginia-based Highway Loss Data Institute revealed that hybrid owners are up to a quarter less likely to be injured in a Virginia car crash than drivers in non-hybrid vehicles.

It isn’t just their drivers, says report author Matt Moore, though it is possible that drivers who select a vehicle based on fuel efficiency may also be more safety conscious.

Hybrids are heavier than conventional vehicles, sometimes by as much as 500 pounds. Typically, in an accident, the drivers and passengers of the smaller vehicle are at greater risk of personal injuries or fatalities. The extra mass of a hybrid could make all the difference, especially if you are in a Virginia truck accident.

However, a major trade off is the greater risk for pedestrians. The study found a 20% higher risk to foot traffic because when the cars operate at slower speeds, they are extremely difficult to hear.

Car manufacturers are working to find technology that will better protect foot traffic while still cutting back on noise pollution, one of the benefits of the existing quieter engines.

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