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Do I need a Virginia bankruptcy lawyer to make loan modifications?


No. You are not legally obligated to have a lawyer to modify a loan, and though the process may require a great deal of research and persistence, you can handle it yourself. If you’ve decided to renegotiate the terms of a major loan before going into default and are able to communicate with your lender, handling the process yourself or with the help of a free loan-servicing agency may be the most cost-efficient.

There are situations in which having the right attorney on your team can greatly improve your chances in getting the modifications you need within a reasonable time frame, so it might be in your best interest to talk to a Virginia bankruptcy attorney. For instance:

  • You are facing Virginia foreclosure. An attorney might be able to buy you more time to rework loan terms in time to save your house.
  • If you are having problems communicating with your lender or getting different answers each time you contact them. Lenders are usually more responsive to attorneys because they know the law and can best leverage it to your advantage.
  • If you are considering filing for bankruptcy. Loan modifications made before bankruptcy proceedings are often dismissed, bringing you back to the original terms, so it might be better to wait until after you’ve filed.

Reputable law firms will not charge you for an initial visit. If you think your case might be better served with hired legal help, know your options; investigate talking to a loan modification attorney as soon as possible.

The bankruptcy lawyers VA at The Strong Law Firm serve clients facing financial hardships in Virginia, District of Columbia, and Maryland. If you are interested in making loan modifications or have other questions about your fresh-start options, schedule a free case review with us today. Call our offices at 703-350-4241 or fill out the online contact form.
Michael Strong
Senior Attorney, Strong Law Firm