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Virginia Allows Stacking of Liability Polices for non-owned car drivers. 

In Virginia, you can stack liability policies if the owner of the vehicle you were hit by was not operating the vehicle that hit you.  In those cases, we are allowed by law to verify if the other driver had additional liability insurance coverage, and if so, we can then take that other driver’s own liability insurance limits and “stack” those policy limits on top of the limits that applied to the car he was actually driving in the accident.  Ask us for more details on other ways that we can “STACK” insurance coverage for your particular accident.  Like we said, the law is complex and is always in a state of development.  Change is the norm in many aspects of car accident insurance recovery law. Our firm has pioneered methods of challenging insurance policy language to try and develop additional sources of insurance money to compensate our injured clients whose insurance is not enough to pay for all damages they have suffered.

Underinsured Policy Coverage in Virginia 

Virginia also allows insurance companies to offer supplemental coverage on your own insurance policy for what is called Underinsured Motorist Coverage. This type of insurance can be a lucrative source of additional insurance money to add to your claim for cases where no liability insurance or too little liability insurance is available.  In your own car’s auto liability policy, you are allowed by law to request what is known as “underinsured motorist” coverage.  This is simply an additional source of insurance funds to compensate you or your car’s occupants for injuries you might sustain in a car accident. 

Did you know that the law in Virginia requires only $25,000 in liability auto coverage to operate a car in Virginia?  So what happens to the person who gets badly hurt and has $50,000 or $150,000 in medical bills from the accident?  They can still only recover the $25,000 in minimal liability policy limits unless there is underinsured motorist coverage, or more if they are lucky enough to be able to stack coverage as we described above. However, if the driver who caused the accident has less coverage than that provided under your own underinsured policy, then you can recover the difference from your own policy up to that policy’s limit of coverage.

This area of law is one of the most complex in accident law, so ask a seasoned and respected lawyer like those at The Strong Law Firm to give you a free confidential appointment to discuss your insurance policy sources of damage payment today by calling (877) 344-8189.