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Why Hire a Falls Church Bankruptcy Lawyer for Your Bankruptcy Case?

Michael Strong
Senior Attorney, Strong Law Firm
If you have been dealing with overdue bills and overwhelming debt for more than a year, then you are probably here to research bankruptcy options. The idea of hiring a Northern Virginia bankruptcy attorney may seem like an unnecessary expense. If your situation is bad enough, then you may wonder how you can afford legal fees. 

However, dismissing the idea of retaining a Falls Church bankruptcy lawyer for your Virginia bankruptcy case may be a big mistake. Here are some important reasons why.

  1. You want to know your options. A qualified bankruptcy attorney may be able to help you find an option besides filing. He also can best advise you on what chapter to file so that you are less likely to lose property unnecessarily or find yourself in a situation where you need to file again.
  2. Bankruptcy law is incredibly complex. Dramatic new regulations with severe penalties mean that even experienced lawyers carefully scrutinize petitions for issues before filing them with the court. 
  3. Only a lawyer is legally authorized to give legal advice. Though there are many services that will prepare bankruptcy paperwork for you, that is all they are authorized to do: prepare paperwork. Paralegals and counselors aren’t qualified or legally authorized to give legal advice. 
  4. You will be held to a professional standard in court. Virginia bankruptcy court doesn’t give any special considerations if you file your bankruptcy petition without a lawyer. Missing a deadline or incorrectly filling out a form could cost you your case. Especially in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, many cases without attorneys are denied. If your petition is denied, then you can’t file again for 180 days.
  5. You may lose more to the bankruptcy process than you need to lose. As part of building a bankruptcy petition, you will need to inventory all of your property and assets. Certain items in your possession are considered exempt from the bankruptcy, meaning they cannot be sold to satisfy creditors. A qualified bankruptcy attorney may be able to find an exemption to cover a major asset you might otherwise lose.
  6. Bankruptcy fraud is a federal crime. It is punishable by up to five years in prison and $25,000 in fines. The FBI investigates potential problems. Even if a fraud charge results from an honest mistake or omission, you are considered responsible for it and will need to face the consequences.
  7. You need someone who is working for your best interests. Remember, the court-appointed trustee is working for your creditors, not for you. Though it is uncommon for officials in the bankruptcy process to take advantage of debtors, it does happen. When it does, you want the best chance possible of being able to catch the problem and make it right.

You have been struggling with debt for too long to enter into the bankruptcy process without knowing all of your options. If you are ready to make a change for the better, talk to a Falls Church bankruptcy lawyer at The Strong Law Firm. We serve fresh-start solutions for consumers overwhelmed by Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland debt. For your free and confidential case review, call our offices today at 887-344-8189. You can also use the quick contact form to reach us online.