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Virginia DMV Adds Street-Level Views of Accidents To Crash Database

Michael Strong
Senior Attorney, Strong Law Firm

Posted on Mar 12, 2012

Back in September 2011, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles added an interactive database of traffic accidents to their website. The database made the state’s Traffic Records Electronic Data System (TREDS) available to the public in an easy-to-use format that allows users to quickly determine where an accident happened and several details about it.

The TREDS database can be found at http://www.dmvNOW.com/crashmap. To see crash data, zoom in on a region of the map until you are able to see the crash symbols. Red triangles mean there was a fatality, yellow or green circles mean injury or property damage. Mousing over one of the symbols will pull up information about the crash including weather conditions and causative factors. The database does not reveal personal details about the drivers or passengers involved.

Now, the DMV is coupling TREDS with Google Maps for a new feature that will allow users to see a street-level photograph of where the accident occurred. Pictures do not include images of the accident itself, but will allow users to learn even more about conditions that can lead to tragic Virginia auto accidents.

“TREDS gives us a 360-degree view of crashes and their causes,” says DMV Commissioner Richard D. Holcomb, “Which can aid in preventing future traffic fatalities.”

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