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Stress of Debt Paralyzing Your Life? Bankruptcy May Help You Move Forward

Michael Strong
Senior Attorney, Strong Law Firm

Here’s what we understand at The Strong Law Firm: there’s a real story and a real family behind every bankruptcy. The vast majority of bankruptcies don’t happen because of out-of-control shopping sprees and large bursts of irresponsible behavior. They happen because of unforeseeable circumstances, family tragedies, or simple bad luck. Or, they happen after years of more dollars trickling out than coming in. Many of our clients have debt because of problems like these:

Bankruptcy isn’t an evil word and it isn’t a punishment or a curse. It’s a constitutional right that you have under federal law either to escape your debt or to restructure your debt and get a fresh start. Put another way, for hundreds of years the United States has recognized the fact that good people can find themselves in deep financial trouble—and the fact that they deserve a second chance.

Get Your Virginia Bankruptcy Questions Answered

Some people make the mistake of dismissing the idea of bankruptcy without learning about how it may be able to help their situation, or without researching the long-term consequences of bankruptcy. Some are influenced by bankruptcy myths; others are turned off by the stigma of bankruptcy. We want you to know that knowledge is power: talking with a bankruptcy lawyer can help you understand ALL of your options for getting out of debt, and which option is the best one for you and your unique situation.

We also can answer the bankruptcy questions that are unique to your situation—perhaps you are going through a divorce, or perhaps you have a small business. At The Strong Law Firm, we absolutely are not interested in forcing bankruptcy on those with better options. We also are happy to help you find strategies to avoid bankruptcy or pay down your debts.

Falls Church Bankruptcy Attorney

Are you ready to stop the harassing letters and phone calls from creditors? Are you ready to stop wage garnishments? Are you ready to stop worrying about your mortgage or possible foreclosure? We can even help to resolve old tax debt at a minimal cost, or just through discharge, if over 3 years old.  Also, in most bankruptcy cases, you get to keep most of your assets, as long as they are exempt under state law. Regardless of whether personal bankruptcy is the right choice for you, speaking with a VA bankruptcy attorney can help you understand your best options for action. Don’t continue to live with the stress and paralysis of debt. Find a solution with our help.

Ready to take the first step? Find out how to prepare for filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy in Northern Virginia.

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