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Senior Attorney, Strong Law Firm  A Virginia, Maryland, or Washington DC car accident can happen to anyone. One of the most important things you can do after being in a collision is to contact a qualified Washington DC auto accident attorney like Michael Strong of The Strong Law Firm.

In this video, Michael Strong introduces his law firm and explains the many causes of a Maryland truck accident. Mr. Strong has designed his website to provide both useful and comprehensive information for accident victims.

The Strong Law Firm website contains articles, books, and other useful information. Mr. Strong has made this available for free to help inform you about the process after being involved in an auto or truck accident. If you have specific questions about you or a loved one’s accident, make sure to take advantage of this free resource.

If you have been in an accident and need the help of a Washington DC car wreck attorney, contact Michael Strong today. You can contact him at The Strong Law Firm by dialing 877.344.8189. The Strong Law Firm has handled many different types of auto and truck accidents.

Also, make sure to be well-represented and informed. To help ensure that you are well-informed, Mr. Strong has written a book, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, which is available to you for free. 

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