Developing Evidence to Prove Truck Caused Accident – How To Win a Trucking Accident Case in Virginia by Michael Strong Connect with me

Senior Attorney, Strong Law Firm Trucking accidents can occur for many reasons and can lead to personal injury. In this informative video, Michael Strong explains the many factors that can lead to a Maryland truck accident.

One reason that truck accidents occur is that a truck can be more difficult to operate. In fact, compared to cars, it can take 3 times longer for a truck to come to a stop and 2 times longer to make a turn. These are just some of the reasons why it can be more difficult for trucks to respond to oncoming traffic changes.

There are also many instances where truckers push the rules or ignore to follow them altogether. This can include following too closely or driving too long in a single 24-hour period, making truckers drowsy at the wheel.

In this kind of case, it is very important to seek legal representation. Adequate legal representation can help prove what the truck driver was doing at the time of the collision.

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