Bill Bolling is the Man to Watch According to the Associated Press


2013 will be an interesting year in the Virginia legislature. Many changes are expected in the area of criminal law and the elections this next year may grow to be very competitive.


Politicians to Watch:


According to the Associated Press, Bill Bolling is one Virginia politician to watch in terms of potentially shaking up the Governor’s race.  Terry McAuliff has also publicly announced he will seek the Democratic nomination for Governor in 2013.


Ken Cuccinelli has also thrown his hat into the ring unofficially for the Governors’ race on the Republican side.


Other Forecasts for Legislation in Virginia for 2013:


We can expect stiffer penalties on texting while driving and clarifying judicial discretion in criminal cases. These issues may gain interest among those who live in the Commonwealth and from national news media. This year’s legislative session will make a big impact on the Virginia Code, primarily due to Republican control of the lower house and Governor’s mansion.


Road Construction funding and Related Taxes: Don’t bet on any new revenues for Virginia highway construction this year.  Proposals to raid the general fund and gas taxes have both been signaled as “No Go” by one side of the legislature or the other.


Guns, Guns, Guns:  There will likely be several proposals on gun control to at least be introduced this year, but little chance of any real restrictions on ammunition or gun sales are likely in gun friendly Virginia.  However, vocal opposition is already mounting to the Governor’s suggestion to arm security guards in all local schools.  While many localities already have such security, numerous studies have concluded a “criminalizing” atmosphere is unnecessarily introduced into schools when police and armed guards are routinely present to intercede in every playground scuffle.

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